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    A page which uses WooCommerce templates A page which uses WooCommerce templates...

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  • The story of ‘Mac’ Mahendran

    The story of ‘Mac’ Mahendran is like no other. Mr. Mahendran, or Mr. Mac as he is popularly known, was born in Penang to a poverty ridden but loving family. Growing up in such a family with 5 sibblings did not however deter him of having big ambitions. Since young, he had a burning desire to further his studies to the United States of America. With much determination and with God’s grace, in the year 1987, he left for the USA under the help of an American boarding school in Penang, Malaysia; “Dalat International School”....

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  • A night with Dr Mike Bighman @ Gbg

    Michael Bingham: born in the tiny principality of Wales, at eighteen he sailed to Australia, having a dramatic encounter with God, in the Red Sea and was converted, his first Sunday in Australia, baptized in the Holy Spirit and Preaching on the streets of Sydney within weeks. A graduate of Texas Bible College, in Houston Texas, USA in 1970, Michael is a life-long learner having received his Doctorate at North Carolina College of Theology at age 61, in 2006. He left denominational religion in 1985 for a more balanced “Grace” Theology and draws a sharp contrast between mere religion and...

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