About Us

At Wediscover we strive to provide a comprehensive online learning opportunities dedicated to children, college students, adults and lifelong learners in their quest of advancing their educational achievements. Wediscover is committed in our pursuit of developing a safe and constructive virtual classroom through webinar, Skype and other practical online learning tools.

We are eager to introduce you to our innovative learning platform that serves as a ‘live’ classroom between the learner and the instructor. With assistance of tools and resources such as audios, videos, and chat room, we offer you an experience of learning as though you’re in a physical classroom, but with greater access to learning contents and no distractions unlike conventional ones. Through this modern learning initiative, students can easily navigate the website and search for courses offered by Wediscover. With variety of learning opportunities, Wediscover provides a great platform for those who desires lifelong educational development.


    As a global platform integrated with “Learning by Discovery” method, our vision is to be the go-to educational source for people to learn and study by using the internet according to their own comfort and convenience.


    Offering a supreme commitment for education, our mission is to be a one-stop online learning enterprise for lifelong learners where various educational resources and tools are provided for online learning opportunities.


    At Wediscover, we believe that providing an access to learning prospects is the way to improve our society and helping learners to achieve their academic and professional developments.



Our programmes and courses are easily accessible according to your schedule where no class attendance is required. Programmes and materials can be selected according to levels of engagement. Learning contents are available and downloadable every day at all time.


As we cater towards your learning needs and preferences, students may choose either to be tutor-led or be engaged in a self-study programme. You can choose to skip topics that you already know and focus on the ones you wish to learn.


At Wediscover, our programmes are based on ‘live’ tutoring method which allows us to monitor and control learner’s learning progress. This helps to deliver a consistent and standardized process of producing learning contents.


You are encouraged to utilize the tools and facilities from our vast selection of learning materials. We believe that this effort will help to significantly enrich your learning performance.


Our varieties of learning methodologies are proven to increase the retention rate of learning capabilities as compared to traditional classroom setting.


We utilize advance technologies to enhance effective communication between learners and tutors by introducing them to a collaborative learning platform that accommodates your leaning needs.


The global learning community is vast and it’s at your fingertips, especially in E-learning. At Wediscover, our tutors are providing brand new strategies for greater learning by connecting people to interactive online learning programmes.


  • team01

    JAMES TANG Chief Executive Officer

    • Founder of SmartLearner.net.
    • 25 years with Trio Packaging Industrial Pte Ltd,
    • Started as marketing manager and became the Chief Executive Officer of Trio Packaging Industrial
    • Before his retirement the company initiated the merger with Far East Packaging Holding Pte Ltd, and became as one of the largest corrugated manufacturing plants in South East Asia with factories in Singapore, Malaysia and China.
  • team02

    HAFIZ ZAINUDIN DevOps Manager

    • 8 years of experienced in both technical and commercial aspects of application development, for both consumer web and enterprise-grade solutions.
    • Co-authored several Information Strategic Plan (ISP) reports, including Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education.
    • His ISP reports had helped organizations to understand their current technologies and their future plans and strategies. Aligned with the fast-paced ICT industry.