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The story of ‘Mac’ Mahendran

The story of ‘Mac’ Mahendran is like no other. Mr. Mahendran, or Mr. Mac as he is popularly known, was born in Penang to a poverty ridden but loving family. Growing up in such a family with 5 sibblings did not however deter him of having big ambitions. Since young, he had a burning desire to further his studies to the United States of America. With much determination and with God’s grace, in the year 1987, he left for the USA under the help of an American boarding school in Penang, Malaysia; “Dalat International School”.

But things were not easy at may seem in USA, as he had to suffer and work hard to make ends meet and support himself. He did this by tutoring students in Mathematics. This is where it all started. As he was tutoring more and more students, he realized that they all faced the similar problem when it came to mathematics. They all had trouble understanding mathematics easily. To this he pondered why and was keen to find a solution to it.

Upon severe introspection, he realized that most students are constantly attracted to video games which were visually striking. From there, it dawned him that by having a visual approach in his teaching, students would be able to learn and study mathematics better. After researching thoroughly, he was able to invent his own teaching method, which implement the “Hear, See and Touch” technique.

His method of teaching became an instant success among his students. Students were able to understand and learn mathematics in such an easy and interactive manner. Soon, word started spreading and more people were keen to be taught by mathematics by him. The response was spectacular that he started having workshops for thousands of students and also teachers.

His teaching started to influence many of his students’ life. Many of them were amazed that he was able to change their perception on mathematics. They even started taking their change in perception as a cue to living their lives. They believed that if they were able to change their perception on a subject that they thought was difficult to understand, then they would be able to change their perception on other things in life as well. This was evident in the case of one of Mr. Mac’s students.

She was a high school student who hated mathematics her entire life as she felt it was too difficult. But upon becoming a student of Mr. Mac, her view towards maths changed entirely. She was awed by his teaching method and her change in perception also gave her an entirely new outlook in life. Mr. Mac’s method of teaching has helped in changing her view from ‘I can’t to I can learn mathematics’.

As his program was getting bigger and bigger, he realized that he needed to tap into a different medium as way to reaching out to more people who needed help in mathematics. Adding to the encouragement of many of his students’ parents, teachers and the students, in the year 2005, he established MathVictory in the internet, state-of-the-art online web-based tutoring program. That program became a huge success as most students were technology savvy and used the internet frequently.

They felt that having an online medium was useful as they could access to Mr.Mac’s teachings easily at anytime or anywhere. With the huge success of his teaching program in the United States of America, he decided to come back to Malaysia with a mission of expanding the MathVictory Services here. It was noticed that his return was a much needed boost in field of teaching as most Malaysian students too were also having problems in understanding mathematics.

By joining venture with another online leading private education company in Malaysia, he started his online teaching. Here too he has implemented the exact teaching method that was successful back in the USA.

Having more than twenty-three years of teaching experience in the field of mathematics, he has seen his fair share of the pros and cons in the teaching field. Even with so many challenges, he was able to overcome them and be the successful educator he is today. Looking back, he is very proud and content of what he has achieved. From being a young man born in a poverty ridden family, he has now becomes what he always wanted to be, a big achiever and helper to others. His goal was empowering youth of today for tomorrow through education.

To all of this he says he owes his success to his family, friends in USA (to my American grandmother and god-parents who believed in me) and most importantly God. He sees God as his pillar of strength that has been there at his ups and downs.

The future is very bright for Mr. Mac Mahendran as he feels there is more for him to achieve. He feels that he is able to expand his teaching services to worldwide, specifically to those who need help in mathematics. All seems well for him, and being the determined man he is, he is sure to achieve his goals.